Hello. I’m Janelle. You can call me Nell, if you’d like. I answer to both.

I blog here about remodeling our home, working from home, raising my children in our cozy little home, and making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

I blog about being happy where you are, with what you have, and seeing the beauty in the little things. It doesn’t have to be big and brand new to be beautiful.

I blog about my hopes and dreams as a mother, and wife, and human being and how they are all intertwined with my cozy little abode.

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About Cozy Abode

This blog is about my husband and I re-creating what the perfect home looks like to us. Instead of moving into something bigger, something “better”, we decided to make what we have fit us better. Instead of starting a new mortgage all over again, plunking down a big chunk of change on a shiny new home, we’ve decided to pay off our current mortgage and be completely debt-free by the time we’re 40 (and dare I admit that number is quickly approaching?!). Since making that decision, we’ve been blessed with another source of income we weren’t expecting, which we will be using to remodel the home, and prepay the mortgage. God is so very good. 

Graceful Abode is about making what you already have work better for you. It’s about turning something plain, or even ugly, into something beautiful, even if it’s “too small”, or “too old”, or whatever other things we tell ourselves about our homes. It’s about our personal journey to making, and keeping our home, an inviting, warm, love filled place for our family, and those God sends our way. And it’s about being happy with what you have in a world that screams at us daily that we should want more, get more, and do more, even if we can’t afford to do so. (we’re not borrowing money to remodel our home.)

The blog is not about decorating on a budget, or frugal living, or getting the best deal. Although, I’m sure I’ll post what has worked for us in saving money on design and remodeling. This blog is more about our journey to embracing what we already have, being content where we are, creating a home that houses the grace and love and memories we hope our children will grow up with, and take out into the world with them. It’s about creating and maintaining an experience for our children, and those who enter through our red front door, that leaves them happier than when they weren’t in our humble abode.


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